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The Usefulness of QR Code Applications in the Hotel and Resort Industry

Check-in and check-out are easy using your mobile device, minimizing wait times and enhancing your overall stay. Explore a world of information at your fingertips with QR codes that provide quick access to detailed service menus, resort amenities and dining options.

There is no denying that technology is increasingly playing an important role in improving customer experience in the hotel and resort industry. Among many convenient technologies, QR Code application has become a powerful and flexible tool, bringing many benefits to both customers and businesses.

Leverage QR Codes for a Convenient Booking Experience

With the popularity of mobile phones, using QR Codes for the booking process is a smart way to go. Customers simply scan the QR Code on the hotel's website or mobile app, saving them time and creating a convenient booking experience.

Quick Check-in and Check-out

QR codes can also be integrated into the check-in and check-out process. Customers can check in by scanning the QR Code on their mobile app, eliminating the need to wait long at the reception desk. This creates convenience and reduces waiting times, improving customer experience.

Information About Services and Amenities

QR codes can be used to provide detailed information about services and amenities in a hotel or resort. Customers can scan QR Codes to access restaurant menus, spa information, or available recreational activities. This helps them easily choose and fully enjoy the amenities that the business provides.

Increase Interaction and Feedback

QR codes are also a great tool to increase interactions between customers and businesses. By integrating QR Codes into brochures, flyers or information boards, customers can easily access review sites, survey feedback, or even share experiences online their.

Safety and Convenience During the COVID-19 Epidemic

In the context of an epidemic, reducing direct contact is important. QR codes help reduce the risk of infection by providing contactless payment options and touchless access to information. This also shows the business's concern for the health and safety of customers.


While technology is becoming an increasingly important part of the hotel and resort industry, the use of QR Codes not only brings convenience but also creates a better experience for customers and at the same time demonstrates innovation. innovation of businesses in adapting to today's technology trends.

Hanoi Central Hotel Residences is leading the way in improving the stay experience by integrating QR Codes. Simple and convenient, our customers can use QR Codes to book hotel rooms, check-in and access information about our services right from their mobile phones. This smart application not only brings convenience but also enhances safety during this period.

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